Emergent Scholarship Podcast

Engage with the groundbreaking work on emergent scholarship through our podcast series through Edutechnicalities, educational videos, mass media, multimedia, experimental media and more.

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Textual Research & Resources

A comprehensive (& growing) resource of academic discussion, research regarding and examples of emergent scholarship within higher educaiton.

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Draft Language

One of the sticking points for the growth of emergent scholarship is in engaging the expectations of various governing bodies. These examples of draft language used by education administrations, academic departments, academic disciplines and education accreditors are a starting point for developing language to support growth in your environment.

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About Emergent Scholar

This website, a collaboration of intellectual and skilled labor from around the globe (sponsored by Seattle Pacific University's Institute for Academic Innovation), is a resource for faculty, staff, administrators and higher education institutions interested in supporting the development and publication of emergent forms of scholarship. Knowledge production can take many forms and be developed for many audiences, and Emergent Scholar is dedicated to supporting faculty initatives and administrative policy changes. Learn about our call to action here.

Podcast Episode 01 - Martin Weller

Martin Weller, Professor at The Open University (UK) and author of The Digital Scholar discusses the relationship between networked technologies and emergent scholarship, and the changes in the field since the release of his book in 2011.

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Open Scholar

From March 2018, a distributed professional development session at Seattle Pacific University drawing together expertise across North America to identify and support progressive forms of research and scholarship.


What is Emergent Scholarship?

A reference guide to emergent forms of scholarship and examples as seen in the professoriate.

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Special Thanks

EmergentScholar.info is a collaborative effort from around the world.

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